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LIFE Magazine December 1979 70s Decade in Pictures Special Issue

LIFE Magazine December 1979 70s Decade in Pictures Special Issue

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LIFE Magazine December 1979 70s Decade in Pictures Special Issue

We have several Life Magazines listed from our large collection of all things vintage.

Pg… 9 Windows: A glorious 200th for us
Pg… 20 Voices: Watergate
Pg… 31 Voices: Vietnam
Pg… 35 10 Years: A year–by–year looked at the decades great news story
Pg… 60 Voices: Seventies speak
Pg… 65 Time Capsule: Artifacts and fashions–especially T–shirts–tell it like it was
Pg… 75 Body and Soul: Physical fitness as a religion, or vice versa
Pg… 86 Voices: Numeral Uno
Pg… 91 Oil Made the Bedouin King: The Arabs got the power and the Shah lost the glory
Pg… 103 Hedonistic Heaven of the Boom–Boom 70s: by Tom Wolfe
Pg… 117 Voices: Critics at large
Pg… 120 Favorites: Our sports and entertainment stars
Pg… 134 I Am Woman: She set off on a march of equality
Pg… 140 Voices: Women
Pg… 145 Legends to Remember: Obituaries
Pg… 155 White House Blues: by Hugh Sidey
Pg… 161 Heaven and Earth: Scientific breakthroughs and breakdowns from Jupiter to 3 mile Island
Pg… 170 Voices: Spaceship Earth
Pg… 175 Bit Players: They grabbed our attention for a headliner two
Pg… 180 Bad Moments: Prize–winning photographs of the 70s
Pg… 192 Good Moments
Pg… 200 Just One More. : On the Cover: faces of the 70' s decade

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Life magazine is one of the worlds most recognizable publications. From 1936 to 1972 the weekly publication of Life served as the nations foremost authority on cultural trends and the state of the American experience.

All the pages are in great condition. The very bottom of the spine is separated about 2 1/2".

Please see the photos to complete the description and condition.

Thanks so much for checking out our shop.

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